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Fatal pedestrian accidents in Florida are happening more often

Florida is growing exponentially in popularity as a destination for people who want to relocate to an agreeable climate with many benefits. In addition to the already burgeoning population, the roads can be inordinately busy. This puts the pieces in place for auto accidents.

Among the most vulnerable people on the road are those who are not in a vehicle at all. Motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians can suffer severe injuries and lose their lives if they are involved in an auto accident.

The statistics are suggesting that Florida is facing a spike in these crashes. High-profile accidents involving prominent people are highlighting the danger. People should be aware of the potential for a pedestrian collision.

Statistics are assessed after athlete’s fatal pedestrian accident

It is one thing to read about how dangerous the Florida roads are becoming to pedestrians, but when a well-known athlete loses his life in a pedestrian crash, it draws greater attention to the problem.

Recently, National Football League quarterback Dwayne Haskins lost his life when he was hit by a dump truck. Although the accident was one of happenstance as he was crossing an interstate, the accident is indicative of the challenges pedestrians face every day in Florida.

Mr. Haskins, 24, was a former first-round draft pick of Washington and had played for Pittsburgh in 2021. After he lost his life, the numbers for pedestrian accidents in the state and in the United States drew renewed scrutiny.

During the first half of 2021, there was a 17% rise in fatal pedestrian accidents compared with the same time frame the previous year. This has been ongoing in the past decade. In 2011, there were 4,457 pedestrian deaths; in 2020, there were 6,516.

The way in which Mr. Haskins lost his life does not obscure the fundamental dangers exhibited by the overall pedestrian accident statistics in Florida and across the nation. Three states – Florida, California and Texas – accrued 37% of pedestrian fatalities in 2020 even though those three states comprise only 27% of the population of the entire United States.

The weather in these locations is believed to be a primary factor as more people are out and about. Basic problems like speeding, distraction, recklessness and drivers who are under the influence are universal issues that are also contributing to pedestrian accidents.

Having advice is key after a pedestrian accident with injuries or loss of a loved one

Since the climate in Florida is so agreeable – and is a commonly stated reason why people move to the Sunshine State in the first place – many will want to partake in outdoor activities. That includes walking and exercising on the state roads.

There is inherent trust placed in drivers that they will adhere to the rules of the road, stop for pedestrians when they are supposed to, yield, drive within the speed limit and pay attention to what they are doing. Practically, however, that is not happening consistently and it is resulting in a spike in pedestrian accidents with injuries and death.

Because of its business friendliness, reasonable standard of living, alluring beaches and endless diversions, people are moving to Florida either to retire or to forge a better life for themselves in their younger years. Since it is a commuter state and many drivers are on the roadways, accidents are going to happen.

Still, people who are injured in a pedestrian accident can suffer long-term injuries, broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage and more that can render them unable to care for themselves and lead to enormous medical bills.

Being up to date on the pedestrian accident statistics and why they happen can give a guideline on how to remain safe. Despite that, accidents happen without warning and people are hit. Their inherent vulnerability can make injuries worse than they would be if they were in a vehicle.

They are often fatal. To assess the options after a pedestrian accident, it is useful to have professional advice on what to do. Consulting with caring and experienced professionals can give guidance with how to proceed and cover for all that was lost in the crash.