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Many pedestrian accidents involve alcohol

Have you ever felt like there are more pedestrian accidents than there used to be? Some of it could just be exposure to the news through social media and the like, but it is undoubtedly true that pedestrian accidents are a huge issue. 

As with all car crashes, nothing will entirely eliminate them. However, understanding some of the common reasons they occur may help you avoid one. 

The role of alcohol

The CDC notes that about 47% of fatal pedestrian accidents involve alcohol. They do say that this is not just for drivers, but for both drivers and pedestrians, but it still shows how drinking habits — or other types of impairment — can lead to deadly crashes. 

Many pedestrians are children 

Drivers must be cautious around children, who may act unpredictably. Even if they’re legally crossing at a crosswalk, for instance, a child may be more likely to run into it rather than walk. Even that little increase in speed could take a driver by surprise. 

Distraction will not end 

Finally, many drivers are distracted. The act of texting and driving is now illegal and a primary offense, but people still do it. As long as you have people looking down at their phones when they should be looking at the road, you’re going to have drivers causing preventable accidents. Many of those accidents involve pedestrians who never realize that the drivers haven’t actually seen them. 

What to do after an accident 

If you lose a loved one or suffer major injuries in a pedestrian accident, you must understand how to seek compensation for your costs.