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Ways to spot distracted drivers

Driving a vehicle can become second nature for many of us in Florida and over time we may drive differently than when we first learned to drive. These days people also have many different distractions that may have not been present years ago. Smartphones and other digital devices present particularly dangerous distractions for drivers.

It is easy for people to look at a text or email, scroll through their contacts to make a call, check their phone or navigation for directions, play music and other functions People are also taking videos of themselves and other events they see while driving and doing other distracting activities. This can create a very dangerous situation for others on the road. All of these activities require people to take their eyes off of the road. While they are not looking at the road, another driver may be braking and by time the distracted driver looks up again it is too late to stop and a car accident occurs.

Signs of distracted driving

While other drivers cannot control the actions and decisions of other drivers. There are clues they may be able to look for to determine if a driver is distracted. This can allow them to take the proper precautions to avoid them. Some driving behaviors to look for are:

  • Drivers going much faster or slower than the speed limit.
  • Constant changes in their speed for no reason
  • Drivers who linger at stop lights after they have turned green
  • When they cannot stay in their lane or are weaving within their lane
  • Failure to signal lane changes and cutting other drivers off

If people see these types of driving behaviors they should try to give that driver as much space as possible. They may also need to move over to let them pass them. Drivers do not want to be the next victim of an accident with a distracted driver.

Despite looking for all of the signs and trying to avoid distracted drivers, people in Florida may still find themselves to be the victims of accidents with distracted drivers. Unfortunately, they may also suffer significant injuries as a result. These victims may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though and it is important that they receive what they deserve. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these accidents can be for the victims and may be a useful resource.