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How to avoid a collision with a distracted driver

As you go through your day, you may get to your destination by driving your car. As you are driving, you may be making note of other drivers. This is a good habit.

Drivers may choose to carry their phones with them as they are driving from one location to another. Some of those drivers may be using their phones while they are driving.

Different types of distracted driving

The first type of distracted driving is “visual.” Here, the driver looks away from the roads around them to focus their attention on a text message.

The second form of distracted driving is “manual.” Here, drivers remove their hands from the wheel. They may be eating, applying lipstick or writing a text message.

The third form of distracted driving is “cognitive.” The driver is not thinking about driving.

Understand the insurance claims process if you are hit by a distracted driver

Going through an accident claim with your insurance may be a slow process. And, because the other driver was at fault, you may be able to have their insurance company cover all of the costs.

Once you report your accident to your insurance company, they may contact the other driver’s insurance company. The claims adjuster may also arrange to inspect your vehicle to determine potential damage before it is repaired. Learning more about the claims process allows you to resolve your claim more efficiently.

Why distracted driving is so dangerous

Driving is an activity that requires you to put your full attention on the road. No matter what other drivers may believe, they cannot maintain full attention on driving while they are texting or applying makeup. Texting is particularly risky as it requires people to remove their attention and eyes from the road. They may also remove both hands from the steering wheel.