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Pride parade auto-pedestrian accident ruled an accident

With everything happening in the LGBTQ community right now, fears of nefarious intent were real after a recent car accident that killed one during the Wilton Manors LGBTQ Pride parade. However, the car accident has now been ruled an accident.

The fatal car accident

According to the Wilton Manors Police, the truck collided through the LGBTQ Pride parade Saturday night, resulting in one injury and one death. The truck was driven by a 77-year-old local man, who was not injured. WMP explained that the man was actually in the parade, but was unable to walk, which is why he was chosen to be the lead vehicle. As he was accelerating, the vehicle unexpectedly lurched forward, striking the two pedestrians, causing the auto-pedestrian accident.

Connections all around

Unlike most car accidents, where the one’s involved have never met before, all the individuals involved knew each other. The two pedestrians and the driver are all members of the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus.

The police explanation

WMP explained that the accident was not intentional. They believe it was a tragic accident, not a criminal act. This is despite the assertions by the Fort Lauderdale Mayor that the man hit the pedestrians intentionally.

Intent does not necessarily matter for compensation

For Fort Lauderdale, Florida, residents involved in an auto-pedestrian accident, call an attorney. While intent may alleviate the negligent driver from criminal liability, it does not alleviate them from civil liability. This is where the attorney can help one get civil justice and just compensation.