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Boating accidents on the rise in Miami-Dade County

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere; including when you’re trying to relax in your boat on the water. In the same way that inattention and driving under the influence can lead to serious injuries on the road, so too can they occur on the lake or river, in a harbor or on the open sea.

Boating accidents increase

2020 saw a 16% increase in boating accidents throughout Florida, with 113 more incidents than in 2019. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s annual report, this included 79 deaths, 14 more fatalities than in 2019. Miami-Dade County alone accounted for 95 boating incidents and 5 deaths.

Inattentive operators caused the majority of these accidents and the primary result was a collision with another boat. In Miami-Dade County, vessels with cabins were the most common type associated with boating accidents. Personal watercraft were the next most common.

Just like Florida’s highways, impaired operators are also a concern for those navigating its waterways. Although it is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence, it still happens, and accidents and injuries can be the result.

Options for those injured on the water

Even if you practice safe boating procedures yourself – such as staying sober, wearing life jackets and monitoring the weather – someone else’s negligence can still hurt you and your family. You may become the victim of a boating collision just as quickly as you may become the victim of an automobile collision.

For those who suffer harm on the waterways from the negligence of others, it may be possible to obtain compensation for any injuries just as it would be if the accident had occurred on a highway. While no one expects to get hurt while enjoying the water, having the necessary financial support to recover from an unfortunate accident can lessen the challenge and help those affected move forward.