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What are my options after a hit-and-run accident?

Hit-and-run accidents continue to plague Fort Lauderdale and the entire southeast coast of Florida.

Frequently, victims of hit-and-runs are pedestrians who, because of the sheer weight difference between a car and a person, frequently suffer severe or fatal injuries in the collision.

It is truly disappointing that so many drivers choose to take off from the scene of an accident rather than call for assistance, try to help the person they hit and provide critical information to the police.

Many hit-and-run drivers are not caught

While officers do a good job of apprehending drivers who strike pedestrians and then leave the scene, too many of these drivers are never located.

For example, the family of a man who was struck and killed recently appealed to the public for information about the driver. The driver of the cargo van involved left the scene of the accident. The man was in the Fort Lauderdale area on a business trip but lived in another part of the country.

Moreover, even when hit-and-run drivers do get caught and are responsible for the accident, they may not have adequate insurance or other means to pay for the loss. Indeed, fear of financial accountable may be one reason why people drive off after accidents in the first place.

Families of victims may have other options

If police cannot find a hit-and-run driver, or if the driver cannot pay for the loss, a family may have other legal options. Whether some of these options are viable will depend on what kind of automobile insurance coverage the victim had at the time of the accident.

For example, if the victim had uninsured motorist coverage, the family may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and the like from the victim’s own insurance company. No-fault benefits, also called personal injury protection, may also be available.