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Numbers say Florida the worst state for auto-pedestrian accidents

Based on statistics, pedestrian safety is coming to the forefront on the list of concerns. This is especially problematic in Florida. In pedestrian-auto accidents, the pedestrian is unprotected and can suffer catastrophic injuries and death. The litany of challenges can pile up quickly. Understanding the circumstances of what caused the collision and knowing what options are available are fundamental considerations after a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle.

Report highlights pedestrian dangers in Florida

In a new study, Smart Growth America says that the Florida roads are among the most dangerous in the nation for pedestrians. In metropolitan areas, Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach-Miami was 13th. The study covered the decade from 2010 to 2019. It found that for every 100,000 residents in South Florida, there were 2.8 pedestrian fatalities. In South Florida, 1,675 pedestrians lost their lives in a crash. Nearly 5,900 pedestrians died in crashes in the state overall.

The most vulnerable members of the population were people in low-income areas, older people and people of color. It is believed that lower income areas may not have the same infrastructure with crosswalks, sidewalks and safe areas for people to walk, contributing to the pedestrian deaths. For those who are older, there could be sensory challenges raising their risk. Of the top 13 metropolitan locations where pedestrians were in the highest jeopardy, Florida had nine spots.

Addressing the problems after an auto-pedestrian collision

These numbers focus on fatalities, but even if a person survives a pedestrian-auto accident, they are likely to face myriad problems. Along with the inevitable medical costs from treatment, care and rehabilitation, they could be unable to work or do the same job they did before. There could be the inability to contribute to a family and a need for assistance to do even the most basic tasks. Physically, personally, emotionally and financially, a pedestrian accident exacts its toll.

Legal guidance can be imperative after a pedestrian accident

Florida is statistically one of the worst states in the nation for fatal auto-pedestrian accidents. Even if the person survives, there can be organ damage, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, disfigurement, lost limbs and more. The causes can vary. Distracted driving is a known catalyst of pedestrian accidents, but there can be other reasons including drivers who are under the influence, were drowsy or were simply behaving recklessly. Insurers will try to limit what they must pay and it is important for those who have been impacted to be shielded. Professional advice can be beneficial in determining the preferred course of action.